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Video library 2022

International Conference on Pediatric Liver Disease – Hybrid Conference @Dorint Hotel Hamburg and Online – September 8-9, 2022.

„Supported by Albireo“

Thursday, 08th September 2022


Welcome to CPLD 2022

Jun Oh

Session 1: Neonatal Cholestasis

Genetic Cholestatic Syndromes

Verena Keitel (Magdeburg)

Genetic Tools For Diagnosis

Carsten Bergmann (Mainz)

Session 2: Rare Hepatic Diseases

Gene Therapy in PH1 – How Close Are We?

Jaap Groothoff (Amsterdam)

Bile Acid Synthesis Disorders

Mara Cananzi (Padova)

Industry Satellite Symposium by Albireo:
Changing Treatment Paradigms in PFIC – A Case-Based Discussion

• The New PFIC Treatment Landscape, Valérie McLin (Geneve)

• PFIC in Practice: Patient Case Studies On The Role Of Odevixibat

• Discussion and Close

Valérie McLin (Geneve), Georg Vogel (Innsbruck), Martin Jankofsky (Hamburg), Stephan Henning (Geneve)

Session 3: Acute Liver Failure – Diagnostic Work up

Diagnostic Work up in PALF

James Squires (Pittsburgh)

Metabolic Work up / Metabolic DD in PALF

Dominic Lenz (Heidelberg)

Question and Answer

James Squires (Pittsburgh), Dominic Lenz (Heidelberg)

Session 4: Acute Liver Failure – Management

Hepatic Management

Valérie McLin (Geneve)

Intensive Care

Akash Deep (London)

Question and Answer

Valérie McLin (Geneve), Akash Deep (London)

Session 5: Hepatobiliary Cysts And Injuries

Genetic Cholestatic Syndromes

Madadi-Sanjani (Hanover)

Friday, 09th September 2022

Session 6: Chronic Liver Failure and LTx

Chronic Liver Failure

Lorenzo D´Antiga (Bergamo)

Silent Fibrosis After LTx Despite Good Transaminases

Xavier Stephenne (Brussels)

Industry Satellite Symposium by Alexion:

• Acute Liver Failure In A Rare Lysosomal Storage Disease
– a Case Report

• Wilson Disease In Childhood – Is It Always A Liver Disorder?

• Question & Answer

Mona Lindschau (Hamburg), Piotr Socha (Warsaw), Andrea Briem-Richter (Hamburg)

Session 7: Liver Transplantation

ABO-incompatible LTx

Piotr Kalicinski (Warsaw)

Immunosuppression in Combined Liver and Kidney Tx

Carlota Fernandez (Madrid)